Aaron Brounstein

Founder & MET-STRONG / HiiT SQUAD Coach

"I can guarantee that if you stick to my programming, I will get you stronger, faster and just sexier in general."

Aaron is the founder of Black Rose and has been the head strength and conditioning coach for over seven years. He is certified by several training programs and Crossfit certified for the last eight years. His background in competitive mixed martial arts and kickboxing lead him to become his fight team’s head strength and conditioning coach and he has carried that passion and continued to coach multiple forms of athletics for over twenty years.

Over the last several years he expanded his athlete base, working with seniors as well as youth and has earned certification with the Child Fitness Program, Youthfit. Now, Aaron enjoys working with a wide range of clients helping them achieve their individual goals.

Andrew Slac


Andrew has been with Black Rose for over five years and started his coaches training just over two years ago. After being certified at West Side Barbell, Andrew took on a permanent role at Black Rose. His positive, friendly attitude and technical know-how, have made him a favorite among new members and old schoolers alike.
Andrew is also a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor and physical proof that sticking to the Black Rose regimen gets results!

Carlee Brounstein

HiiT SQUAD Coach / Admin

Head coach of our High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) division. After four years of kicking ass at Black Rose, Carlee took over the program. Her background as a standout NCAA D1 student athlete has given her the discipline, experience and knowledge to help you scorch fat and become the fittest you.
Plus, everyone loves her.