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Black Rose Fitness Society

A neighborhood gym...

where people of all backgrounds and ability levels, work together to achieve individual goals. We have friendly, highly trained, elite coaches using world class programming to safely push you to the results you want.

Our focus is not to make you the best fitness competitor, but rather to use fitness to make you healthier and better at everything you do. The work is hard, but we have a damn good time doing it!

Strength and conditioning is the crux of what we do.

Each session combines strength with anaerobic endurance and explosive speed to challenge the most fit and experienced athletes and be scalable for all people at all ability levels. By balancing olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, gymnastics, power lifting, sprints and agility we will work to develop the most capable you. You will get faster and more powerful while strengthening your cardiovascular and respiratory systems to their full potential.

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Cal F.

“I’m not an “athlete,” and never have been. Aaron and the folks at Black Rose make getting in shape feel a little less daunting, with lots of individualized attention and zero pressure to do stupid stuff like lift too much weight before you understand the proper lifting technique and body mechanics…”

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Zoe B.

“Every day is a new exercise so you never feel like it’s bored or repetitive, and they really help you push yourself to do your best (whatever that’s means for your skill level) And the people that go the gym are just as nice! I’ve never felt so strong or in shape!”

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Bree M.

“Aaron and the team at Black Rose make workouts feel like an exciting, personally-tailored challenge that keeps you on your toes and pushes you to do your best. The friendliness and encouragement of both the staff and my classmates has completely changed the way I see fitness in just a few short weeks.

Sign up for a trial class and I promise you’ll be hooked. I’m so glad I decided to give it a shot!”

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